Winkel Manufacturing, Glen Elder, Kansas, understands the livestock industry.   Our products are designed and refined with over 50 years of personal, hands-on, livestock experience and insight.  And, we listen and learn from our customer's experiences, too.  There is no guess work--Winkel Mfg. products were created in the field!

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Truck Flatbeds
for Farm, Ranch, & Emergency Response Vehicles



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Winkel Quality Flatbeds ...the BEST Choice!

Better than a hired-hand, Winkel Custom Flatbeds will dependably work for you night and day for the lifetime of your truck....maybe even longer!  From Texas to North Dakota, from Colorado to Ohio, Winkel Flatbeds are seen moving down roads--working from feedlot to field, to pasture and back to rancher and farmers' yards everywhere.


We understand what you expect and need behind the cab of your trucks.  Built with knowledge garnered from our own everyday use and experiences, plus that of numerous others,  our flatbeds are designed with common sense, hard working application in mind.  They're solidly constructed to standup to your demands, expectations and rigors of everyday use.




Lengths: 8' through 12'  /  Widths: 7', 7 1/2', 8' or 8 1/2'

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It's what you can't see that makes
our Flatbeds your  BEST CHOICE!



      Features Include:

  • Heavy Duty Rear Hitch

  • Retractable Steel Ball Hitch

  • Tail & Corner Marking Lights

  • Back-up Lights

  • Header Frame

  • Tag Bracket

  • Optional Mud Flaps

  • Side boards: 14 ga. smooth formed steel
       with 11/2" x 3" rectangular tubing stakes

  • Side Stake Pockets



Optional Mounting Spacer Blocks bolted to truck frame, then welded to truck bed for a maximum, secure fit.  This feature allows you to easily remove your flatbed should you decide to sell your truck!

  • 1/8" Deck Plate Floor
  • 5" Channel Main Frame
  • Optional 6" Channel Main Frame
    (...for hydraulic lift head room)
  • Bed Weight: 850 lbs (7'x 8")

Deck Plate Floor secured to standard 2" channel cross members spaced on approximate 12" centers providing solid, heavy-duty weight-bearing construction.


Optional Sideboard Accessories  
   Custom Rear Plate Designs      Optional 2" Pop-up King Pin
Optional Recessed Light Packages  
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35,000 GVW
Flip-over Ball Hitch

Ball Hitch
with Cover Lid

Easy Latch
Flip-up Ball Hitch

Optional Receiver  Hitches
& Light Packages


Heavy Duty Rear Hitch constructed of 3' x 3" x 3/16" square tube
with extended 1/2" x 4" hitch with three 1" holes

Sealed beam tail lights & all
clearance lights are in rubber frame.

Headache Rack Options




The Winkel header frame offers superb view from Mirrors
and eliminates any hidden mirror image while driving.


Built on Tool Boxes! 

Choose from 9 different sizes!

  • Choose from 9 different sizes
  • 12 ga. smooth sheet steel construction
  • Stainless steel hinges with grease zerks
  • Formed steel corners
  • Rubber gasket seal
  • Key locking T-handle latch
  • 3/16" door keeper chain

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