Winkel Manufacturing, Glen Elder, Kansas, understands the livestock industry.   Our products are designed and refined with over 50 years of personal, hands-on, livestock experience and insight.  And, we listen and learn from our customer's experiences, too.  There is no guess work--Winkel Mfg. products were created in the field!

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Winkel Flatbed Systems Make Your Live Easier!

You'll be amazed at the time you'll save once you start using the Winkel flatbed "bale spike" accessory system on your truck.  Hauling that one bale down the road or across the pasture to critical feeding spots will be simple and quick--noticeably faster than moving that bale with your tractor.

Bale spikes store neatly flush
& concealed in rear of bed

4" x 8" cylinder &
spring loaded bale spike locks
Remote control operation from
cab for easy loading & unloading

Winkels will mount your flatbed
or you can easily mount your own
Solid steel 2" x 40" pointed spike
teeth for easy penetration
12 volt electric
hydraulic power unit

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