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Winkel Manufacturing, cattle panel pasture scene.

Winkel MFG ~ Cattle, Livestock & Ranch Equipment ​~ Glen Elder, Kansas

Winkel Manufacturing ... Making Your Work Easier and More Efficient!

We produce quality cattle, livestock and ranch equipment including cattle panels, gates, loading chutes, feeders, truck flatbeds, and more; our equipment is renowned for durability and reliable construction.

Winkel products are built to give you years of dependable service!

  • Well Designed

  • Solidly Constructed

  • Personally Tested

  • Built with Pride

Renowned for durability and reliable construction, our cattle panels, gates, loading chutes, feeders, flatbeds, and more are originally created and tested in the field.

We're ranchers, too!

Winkel MFG, Glen Elder KS - plant and distribution center.

Over 65 Years Of Serving The Livestock Industry.

Family Owned Since 1958.


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Check out these popular alley set ups!

Adjustable, 20' Alley


  • Alleyway adjusts from 29" width down to 17"

  • Back slide side gate 30"

  • Slide side gate can be reversed by just pulling 4 pins and reversing gate from left to right

  • Standard alley comes with 10' gate, front left for exit

  • Back left gate 30" opening for user access

  • Standard sheet metal sides 30" tall with open bars above

Winkel Manufacturing, 20 ft Adjustable Alley.
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Calf Processor

Half Circle and Alley system

  • Holds three, 200 pound calves at one time

  • 120" diameter half circle... that,

  • connects to an 8' long by 14" wide alley...

  • equipped with entry and exit sliding gates.​..

  • set up for left or right side entry of the half circle.

Winkel Manufacturing, Calf Processor.
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