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Bull / Buffalo Feeder

3-Piece 8½' Diameter

Strong enough to feed the bulls or stand up to the rough treatment of buffalo. Customers continue to tell us this is one of, if not, the strongest feeder on the market today.

  • 8½” diameter with 9 feeding stations

  • 16 ga. sheet metal base 26" high

  • Round 1¼” 14 ga. with 32" arches from peak to top of base with 16 ga. solid faces

  • Drop pin locks to open for bales or easy transport

Bull and Buffalo Feeders, Winkel MFG, Glen Elder, KS.

This is the Cadillac of feeders as letters of satisfaction continue to tell us we’ve come up with the “best” round feeder on the market. The Winkel Bull / Buffalo Feeder, with 26" base, give open area feeding. This feeder allows horned animals easy access and stands up to the punishment they put out. Easy drop pin lock allows the feeder to wrap around the bale, eliminating lifting.

Feeder opens for easy bale placement.

Note the solid reinforcement of the Winkel 3-piece open area feeders — double ring 1 ¼" square tubing with upright arch frames that interlock for extended life.

Attention Bison or Exotic Livestock Owners... This is the Feeder for You!

Bull and Buffalo Feeders, Winkel MFG, Glen Elder, KS.
Bull and Buffalo Feeders, Winkel MFG, Glen Elder, KS.

Each Section has its own End Support made of 1½" x 1½" x 1/8" Angle Iron.

Winkel Manufacturing logo.

“The Winkel open area feeder cut my hay waste in half. It’s made especially for bison, it accommodates all sizes of animals, has no holes to hook horns and accepts all sizes of round bales.  I am extremely pleased with the price and the quality of the Winkel open area feeder.”

N. Straub, Bison Haven Ranch, Grove City, PA

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