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20' Diameter Half Circle with Double Gate Sweep

Half Circle Corral Panels -- Being to adapt to the size of the herd being worked is a benefit to the farmer / rancher. Winkel Curved Corrals can be extended into as large a working / sorting area as needed, complete with sweep and bow gates.

Half-circle panel with sweep, Winkel MFG, Glen Elder KS.

Heavy-duty 14 Ga. Steel Construction With 7 Bar 64" Height

Sweep circle parts closeups.

Top support bar  -- Half circle sweep gate latch --  Center post half circle

Diagram 2 half circle sweep 180. Winkle MFG, Glen Elder, KS.
Diagram 1 half circle sweep with alley. Winkel MFG, Glen Elder, KS.
Solid Panels, Winkel MFG, Glen Elder, KS.

Optional Solid Panels for Permanent Setup

Winkel Manufacturing logo with 2 cows.

Quarter Circle Curved Corral

Now turn any remote area or livestock area into a complete working facility with the Winkel Curved Corral Panels.

Quarter Circle Panel, Winkel MFG, Glen Elder, KS.


  • 90° quarter circle

  • seven bar panels

  • constructed of 1.66, 14 ga. steel tube

  • 64" height.

Quarter Circle Panel diagram, Winkel MFG, Glen Elder, KS.
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