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Panel Carriers

32 Panel Carrier

The Cadillac of portable carriers. Combining Winkel ingenuity and craftsmanship, the Winkel 32 Panel Carrier unit is easy to load and unload, has a 2" ball hitch and a swivel jack for easy hookup. Frame is 4"x4" square tubing tongue with 2"x4" axle. Panels are secured in front with loop and pin.  Each panel is held in place by individual steel posts that align with hinge of panel. Back end is held with shackle-end chain and boom—complete with the unit. New tires standard.

Cattle Panel Carrier, Winkel MFG, Glen Elder, KS.

Universal Panel Carrier

Holds Almost Any Brand of Panel from 8' to 14'   ...   Lengths and Longer with Adjustable Axle Location

We’ve heard enough comments regarding possibilities of a Universal Panel Carrier that we’ve taken on the challenge. Our field tests have proven we can now offer a Panel Carrier that will hold practically every brand of panel out there — and from 8' to 14' lengths with our adjustable axle location.  You can now even mix and match your load needs with gate panels. New tires standard.

  • Holds 30 standard Winkel panels.

  • Carries almost any brand of panel from 8' to 14' long.

  • Allows you to mix and match your corral needs with what selection you load

  • Main frame is constructed of 4" x 4"—1⁄4" wall square tubing

  • Total length of tongue is 159", that’s over 13'

  • Axle is 68" wide and made of 31⁄2" square tubing 1⁄4" wall

Universal Cattle Panel Carrier, Winkel MFG, Glen Elder, KS.
Universal Cattle Panel Carrier, Winkel MFG, Glen Elder, KS.
  • Standard 6 bolt implement wheels, new tires standard

  • 2" Bulldog™ coupler hitch standard with safety chain

  • Front swivel jack for easy alignment

  • Reflectors on rear of axle

  • Complete with 2 tie-down straps for securing panels to carrier

  • Arms adjust up or down to match your panel bar height or front to back to match your panel length

  • All joints fastened with 3⁄4" plated U-bolts

  • Center posts constructed of 3" x 3" square 1⁄4" wall square tubing and offer 60" height

  • Arms constructed of 21⁄2" x 21⁄2" square 3⁄16" wall square tubing

  • Unit weighs 600 lbs. empty

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