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Patio Glider Swing ... Post Drivers ... Saddle Racks

Patio Glider Swing

A great special occasion gift or addition to any home. Easy, comfortable gliding and very portable.

  • Ball bearing glider suspension with white plastic 2 x 4’s for the seat.

  • Armrests of 2 x 6 complete with white plastic drink holders.

  • Outer frame is constructed of 1.66 x 14 ga. steel, with seat frame of 1" x 14 ga. square. Primed and then painted black.

Winkel MFG, Patio Glider Swing.

Saddle Rack
Tired of the way some saddle racks loose their shape?  Now is the time to add our new saddle rack to your tack rook. 

  • Available in 2 or 4, 24" tiers. (The 4-tier model breaks down into two pieces.)

  • Racks: 1½" 14 ga. tubing with ½” steel rods to hold saddle shape.

  • Mainframe: 2” x 2’, 14” ga. square tubing

Winkel MFG, Saddle Rack.

Post Drivers
Winkel post drivers are built to last and feature large diameter handles for easier grip & balance. This tool gets the job done!

  • Standard -- 2½"dia. x 28"  ... 22lbs.

  • Heavy Duty -- 3" dia. x 28"  ... 27lbs.

  • Rugged and heavy...the best around.

Winkel MFG, Post Driver.
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